Who were the ancient Greeks?

Hello Year 4,

1)Look at the BBC Bitesize page below for an introduction to the Ancient Greeks.



2)Then look at the Greek pottery powerpoint below. The pottery found by archaeologists and studied by historians tells us a lot about how the ancient Greeks lived.

Exploring Greek pottery 29.06.2020

3)Today I’d like you to draw a vase or pot. On the front I’d like you to draw pictures to show a ‘freezeframe’ of an event in your life.

If it was found in thousands of years – would it tell an archaeologist about your life and how you lived in 2020.

4)The ancient Greeks were polytheistic (it means that they had many different Gods). They liked to tell stories and myths about their gods. Click on the link to watch a retelling of a Greek myth. This is the myth of Persephone and Hades.



Mrs Thomas