1.5.20 Happy Friday!

Some ideas for the day:

Virtual Science School Trip – This won’t be available next week, so make sure you visit today if you haven’t already. Go on the PurpleMash blog for details and take a look.

Maths –   Week 2  Lesson 5  Equivalent FDP (or carry on from where you’ve got to in the decimals work so far). Don’t forget to use the video to help you and the answers to check your work.


English – A chance to catch up! If you haven’t finished all the tasks for this week, have a look back at previous day’s posts and finish the tasks. If you’ve already written a script to your advert, maybe you could film it, or make a poster to advertise your product.  Enjoy spending some time reading. Maybe you could add a comment to say what book you’re reading at the moment. Perhaps you could do a page or two from your spelling book, and then test yourself on the new words.

Art – Finish any artwork and share with the class.  Maybe you could try the ‘Just for fun challenge’. Look at Nathan and Jodie’s challenge attempts for inspiration!

Perhaps you’d like to do something other than art today that you’re interested in – cooking, sewing, whatever takes your fancy!

Take care

Miss Sewell

Art (for the week) –

Just for fun challenge – Another art related thing that you might like to try is to create a famous work of art in your house. It seems to be a little craze that people have been doing since lock down. Look at this blog posts for some ideas.


Be creative! Below are some websites that you might find helpful. You might like to choose a particular artist, look at their artwork and then create your own art in a similar style.  As well as producing your own art, you could also research an artist and create a factfile  or poster about them and their life. You could also choose a particular skill eg perspective drawing, or shading, and work to improve your skill in that area.


This is the children’s part of the website for the Tate art gallery. Explore the site. There are links to information about different artists and lots of different art activities you can try. Don’t worry if you haven’t got art supplies at home, there are ideas that you could do just with a pen or pencil, and there are also online art activities – you can then save what you create to your computer.

If you’re interested in improving your drawing skills, particularly at cartoons, then have a look at these links. There are book illustrators (including Quentin Blake, who has illustrated lots of books including many Roald Dahl books, and Jeff Kinney who created the Wimpy Kid books) showing how to draw characters from their books. You could use the videos to try to draw the different characters, and then maybe create your own character?