1.6.20 Morning Year 5!

I hope that you all had a lovely half term.  I did some painting – not anything artistic, just decorating my lounge! What have you been up to?

Hopefully, I’ll be seeing some of you in a couple of weeks, but until then I’ll keep in touch via the Purple Mash blog. Do comment and create your own posts to share you learning – it can be the work that I suggest each day, or other activities that you’ve been doing. It’s just great to hear from you!

Just for Fun Challenge –This week’s ‘Just For Fun’ challenge is to recreate a famous/significant moment in History! You could take a photo of the scene or do a short video of it.  Your other challenge attempts have been brilliant – I hope you have fun with this one too!

Ideas for the day:

Maths –Summer Term Week 4 (w/c 11th May) Lesson  1 Area of rectangles (or carry on from where you’ve got to in the work so far). You have to scroll right down to the bottom of the page to find the lesson – we are two weeks behind the resources on the website. We are on w/c 11th May. We learnt about area earlier in the year, so hopefully it will be familiar learning to you!

Don’t forget to use the video to help you and the answers to check your work.


English – This week’s English is all related to lockdown. Later in the week you’ll get the chance to write scripts and poems. Today you will be thinking of ideas about what  you might  write  in a message to yourself for 6 months time. You’ll also be looking at the difference between formal and informal language and practising writing contractions.

In the link you’ll find the work for the week. We’re on Day One! There are Word Versions if you’d prefer to type.


Music –  This week’s project is to explore music – both listening/exploring a piece of music and also composing some music of your own.   If you can, try to do both a  listening activity and a composing activity during the week.

Listening/exploring a piece of music
Explore one or more of these links. They all have a piece of music that you can listen to, a video to go with it, and some activities that you might like to try.
  • On Purple Mash there is a programme ‘Busy Beats’ which allows you to create your own music – I’ve set it as a 2do so that you can find it easily. If you look at the help videos (top right hand button), it will talk you through how to compose your own music. Enjoy!
Other possible composing ideas:
  • If any of you have an Ipad, there is a free app that is usually already loaded onto the Ipad called Garageband. You could explore this app – it’s allows you to compose your own music!
  • You might like to write a song or rap.
  • If you play an instrument, you could make up a composition for your instrument.
  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zdh8jhv This is a link to a lesson about using sounds you find around the house and how you can turn them into a piece of music. (In the film it uses a computer programme to manipulate the sounds, but you could always just find objects that make sounds and get members of your family to play different ‘instruments’ together to make a piece of music instead!)

If you come up with different music related ideas, that’s fine too!


Miss Sewell 🙂