15.5.20 Happy Friday!

Good morning Year 5 🙂

I’ve enjoyed seeing your tea bag challenges – you’ve come up with some very creative ways to get the tea bag into the cup! If you haven’t seen the entries so far, have a look on the Purple Mash blog.

If you haven’t finished the Maths and English from previous lessons this week, you might want to finish that off. Also, it would be great to finish your Maya work. If you have already, I’ve suggested a family maths challenge and a chance to listen to part of a Percy Jackson book. Enjoy!

Just for Fun Challenge – This week’s challenge is to get a tea bag into a cup in the most creative way! You may want to film this and send in a copy.

Ideas for the day:

Maths –Family Maths Friday Challenges – You should be able to have a try and questions 1, 2, 3,4 and possibly 5. If you have younger siblings, they might be able to try the first couple of questions. Questions 6 -10 are much trickier, but maybe your parents might like a challenge!

English – In today’s lesson you get to listen to a section of a Percy Jackson book. Maybe it will inspire you to read the whole book! There are a few activities too. You might like to try one or more of these.


 History – Finish off your work about the Maya. Share it with me or the rest of the class!

Enjoy your day.

Take care

Miss Sewell

This week we are going to continue finding out about the Maya civilisation.  Here are some areas that you might like to investigate:

  • Did they have a writing system? What was it like?
  • What did they believe? Did they worship gods?
  • Find out about their creation story.
  • What causes the decline of Maya civilisation?
  • Why did the ancient Mayan cities stay undiscovered for so long? When and how were they rediscovered?
  • Explore more about any of the areas of life for the Maya that you found interesting when you were researching last week, eg food, architecture, clothing, games and leisure.
  • Anything else that you’d like to investigate about the Maya!

Choose one or more of these areas. How you present your work is up to you – you can be creative! If you’d like to do some of your work on Purple Mash there are templates about gods, food, games and pyramids that you could use. Don’t feel you have to use Purple Mash though.

Here are some other links that might help you: