20.5.20 Morning Year 5

Morning Year 5.

It looks like it’s going to be a sunny day, so make sure you get outside to enjoy it at some point today! I hope you’re enjoying finding out about a European country. I’m adding different ideas each day of what you might like to find out about the country, but if you have other ideas, that’s fine. I look forward to seeing what you produce!

Just for Fun Challenge –This weeks ‘Just For Fun’ challenge is to create a ‘socially distanced’ picture. See Monday’s blog for more information

Ideas for the day:

Maths –Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May) Lesson 3 Divide with remainders (or carry on from where you’ve got to in the work so far). You have to scroll right down to the bottom of the page to find the lesson – we are two weeks behind the resources on the website. We are on w/c 4th May.

Don’t forget to use the video to help you and the answers to check your work.


English –

  1. Have a go at a little grammar quiz I’ve set for you to do on Purple Mash  – just to get your brains in gear!
  2.  We  will continue looking at the book The Lost thing.

Watch the first 3 minutes of the animated version of the book. It’s the second video on this webpage :


3. Imagine that you are the boy in the book, who is out collecting bottle tops when he discovers the ‘lost thing’. Write a description of ‘the lost thing’. Try to describe it in detail. Imagine that someone was reading your description without having seen the images in the book, would they be able to picture what it was like? Make sure you check you writing carefully to make sure you have all the correct punctuation! I have added a 2do where you can write your description (or you can write it by hand if you’d prefer).

Geography – Continue with your project about a European country.

Your project for the week is to research the geography of a European country.  Find out about the physical geography (that means mountains, rivers etc) and also about the human geography (eg about cities, population etc). How you present your work is up to you – perhaps you could make a little guide to the country?

You could start your project by choosing a country in Europe – perhaps one that you’d like to visit one day! You could look on a map and find out some basic information eg.  where the country is, what countries border it and what it’s capital city is.

You could find out about physical geography e.g the main rivers and mountains in your country of choice. How high is the tallest mountain? Perhaps you could draw a map and mark them on? If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could make a 3d map??

Maybe you could make a factfile about your country? You could include information like the population, what language they speak, their flag etc.

These websites might be helpful:



Enjoy your day!

Take care

Miss Sewell