21.4.20 Morning Year 5

Hello Year 5

It was lovely to catch up with some of you on Purple Mash yesterday after the Easter holidays. Here are some Maths and English activities for today, and a Science project for the week. Please don’t worry if you get behind with what I’m setting during the week –  it doesn’t matter if you skip an English lesson, but make sure you continue with the Decimal Sheets from where you are as the learning builds day by day.

Maths – We are going to continue looking at decimal numbers as fractions

If you click on the link below, you will find a video that talks you through the questions (as well as the worksheet and answers).

Today we will be doing Week 1 Day 2 Decimals as fractions (1) (NB this is the earlier Week One, not Summer Term – Week One)


English – I enjoyed reading your simile and metaphor work from yesterday. Today’s lesson is looking at alliteration


I haven’t set a 2do for this lesson, but it would be great if you could add  a comment to this blog in Purple Mash. Write your favourite alliterative sentence that you have created during the lesson.

Science Project (for the whole week):

This week we are going to be looking at properties of materials. Here are some ideas of what you might investigate, or you might come up with other experiments linked to these ideas!

  • If you didn’t do this yesterday, find out about reversible and irreversible changes. Have a look at the link below to find out more:


Lots of these changes happen when you cook food. Why don’t you help out with the cooking today and see what changes occur? Which are reversible and which are irreversible? How do you know? Record your findings! (And enjoy eating what you’ve made!)

  •  Explore which materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution.

You could try mixing different materials that you have at home with water to see which ones dissolve eg sand, salt, flour, sugar, coffee granules (Make sure you ask an adult first!). What substances were soluble and which were insoluble?

This link has more information about dissolving:


  • If a material dissolves in a liquid it creates a solution, but can you work out a way of getting the solution back. For example, if you dissolve salt in water, is there a way of getting the salt back? Is the change reversible?
  •  Explore how mixtures might be separated. You could create a mixture with different substances eg water, salt, stones and sand, all mixed together. Can you work a way of separating the mixture back into the different substances? (Again, ask first!) Once you’ve had a try, look at this link to learn more about separating mixtures.https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zcvv4wx/articles/zw7tv9q

Do make sure that you log into Purple Mash and connect with the class – comment on my blogs, add your own post to share what you’ve been up to, or share your work with the class.

If you managed to complete the Easter Project, then do upload a picture or attach it to a post on Purple Mash or email it to year5@standrews323.herts.sch.uk

Take care

Miss Sewell