22.5.20 Happy Friday!

Morning Year 5!

Can you believe it’s the end of another week? Next week is half term, so I won’t be setting you work. Do make sure you spend some time enjoying a good book.  I’m attaching two OpenUpScience magazines that some of you might like to read over half term – they have some fun activities that you might like to try too.

Just for Fun Challenge –This weeks ‘Just For Fun’ challenge is to create a ‘socially distanced’ picture. See Monday’s blog for more information.

Ideas for the day:

Maths –Summer Term Week 3 (w/c 4th May) Lesson  5 Friday Challenge (or carry on from where you’ve got to in the work so far). Today is a cookery and maths challenge! If you manage to cook anything, do post a picture!

You have to scroll right down to the bottom of the page to find the lesson – we are two weeks behind the resources on the website. We are on w/c 4th May.  There is a video to go with the cooking/maths challenge.



English – I’m sure that you’ve all been reading some good books since we’ve been away from school. I would like you to make a recommendation to the rest of the class of a book that you have read and you think the class would enjoy. Add a comment to the Purple Mash blog. In your comment, make sure you include the title and author, the genre of the book (eg fantasy, adventure etc) and a little bit about the  plot.  If you’d like to do a bit more and write an actual book review, that would be even better! Post it on the blog, so that others can get ideas of books they might like to read in the future.

Geography – Finish off this week’s project. (See yesterday’s post for details)