22.6.20 Year 5’s home learning for the week

Morning Year 5! Hopefully I’ll get to see most of you this week at some point. As most of you will be in school for two days, but on different days, I’ll set work  now for the days that you are not in school.

These tasks are for the 3 days of home learning, not just for today!

Maths –

Task 1 – Read and interpret tables

Task 2 – Two way tables


Task 3 – Practise your times tables! You could use Mathletics, make times table cards, go on Monster Multiplication on Purple Mash, or any other method that you like.

English – 

Lesson 1 –

Lesson 2 –

Task 3 – Write your own animal poem inspired by the Tyger Tyger poem you have studied.

…and for a bit of Science fun:

These contain lots of different fun science activities that you could try at home. It also explains some of the Science behind them. Enjoy trying one or two of them!


If you are not going to be in school  this week, below is some of the work we will be covering in school that you might like to try as well as the work above: