24.4.20 Happy Friday!

Morning Year 5

Well done for all your hard work this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Science project and have managed to try some of your own experiments. If you haven’t, maybe you could try one today, or read about some that other people in the class have done (I’ve added a Science Experiments post to the Purple Mash blog).

Some ideas for today:


(If you haven’t already, finish your newsreport from Wednesday’s lesson) If you have, go to this link:


Hannah has been enjoying listening to a daily English lesson on radioblogging.net. The lesson starts at 9.30am and you can then join in live.  If you miss it, you can listen later though. Blog any of your work onto PurpleMash, so we can all enjoy it. Also, let me know how you got on, and whether you enjoyed this type of lesson.

Maths –   Week 1  Day 5 Thousandths as decimals


Hopefully, you’re finding the video that goes along with worksheet helpful. The answers are there too, so you can check your work. If there’s anything from this week that you’re still confused on, let me know, and maybe I can go over it next week for you.

Science – carry on with your Science project 🙂

I’ll blog some photos of the week later, so do sent me any more if you’d like to.

Take care

Miss Sewell