27.3.20 Happy Friday!

Here’s an idea of what you might get up to do:
PE – Joe Wicks at 9am,  Oti Mabuse dance lesson (https://www.youtube.com/user/mosetsanagape) at 11.30am,  go for a bike ride, create you own workout or jump on your trampoline!


English – Try to do a bit of writing today if you can. You could: write a diary of the week (if you haven’t already been doing a daily diary), try one of the Viking writing activities, make a fact file about something you are interested in, write a book review, or be creative and write an imaginative story!  Chose something that you would enjoy writing! In your writing, if you can, try to vary the types of sentences you write and be accurate with your full stops and capital letters – imagine I’m there moaning at you! 😉

Maths – If you haven’t managed to do some of the first three Maths sheets (Subtracting Fractions, Subtracting Mixed numbers and Subtraction breaking the whole), then try some of these questions. If you’ve completed these, choose some Mathletics activities. Play some Live Mathletics at 11am, so you can compete against other people in the class. Keep your times tables up to date – you could play hit the button https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

Spelling – I’ve set up a little spelling quiz on PurpleMash of the spelling rule for this week – words ending in -ence

Other activities – Maybe you could help you parents around the house? Learn to hoover, or cook!

It’s a lovely day, so make sure you spend time outside if you can. You could create a picture out of stick and leaves (like we did at Stibbington). If you do, post a picture on the blog so we can all enjoy it!
Enjoy your day
Miss Sewell