29.6.20 Home learning for the week

It has been lovely to see you in person last week and I look forward to seeing you at some point this week too!

Home learning for the days when  you are not at school this week:

Maths – 

Task 1 – Calculate angles on a straight line

Task 2 – Calculate angles around a point

Task 3 – Practise your times tables! You could use Mathletics, make times table cards, go on Monster Multiplication on Purple Mash, or any other method that you like.

English  –  There are a range of activities looking at some funny poems. Start from Day 3  in the link below. You might not get all the activities done in one day, so you could carry on with it the next day. If you have time, you could try the activities for day 4 and 5 as well.


Other activity ideas –

You might want to find out more information about your ‘island’ – either Hawaii (Mon/Tues group) or Iceland (Thurs/Fri group).  Perhaps you could find out if they have any traditional food? Maybe you could try making a dish!

Here is the latest Science Magazine. This issue is all about blood! It has different activities you might like to try:

Maybe you’ve got other ideas of some different learning that you’d like to do.  That’s fine. Find something you’re interested in and enjoy investigating it!


Miss Sewell

PS. If you’re not in school this week, you could try the all of the days in the English link and you could also do the BBC Bitesize Maths lessons for Monday and Tuesday.