19.6.20 Happy Friday!

Well done in nearly making it to the end of another week! As you may know, school is going to be open for Year 5 next week. It will be lovely to actually be able to see some of you! Things will be a little different, so your parents will have received a letter with all the details of exactly how it is going to work.

Ideas for the day:

Maths – Apologies for uploading the wrong video yesterday, I’ve now changed yesterday’s post so the correct video is there. If you didn’t do the work yesterday on using line graphs to solve problems, have a go today. If you’ve already completed that, have a look at the link below. There are activities to do with time, but with a football slant. Have a look and then complete one, or more, of the activities.



English – Today (Day 5  in the link below) you will be looking at several poems.  You will then write your own poem. You could either write an ‘insult’ poem (about a thing, not a person!)  or one based on I’m Telling You. I’ve set a 2do on Purple Mash – so write your poem there.



Other possible activities for the week:

PE – The current situation has meant that all the usual school sports activities and events have been cancelled. However, Hertfordshire are running some ‘Virtual School Games’ for you to get involved in!

The first event is the ‘Virtual Pentathlon’. I have added a link for the instructions and results sheet. It would be great if we could get involved. Email me your results (year5@standrews323.herts.sch.uk) to me by Friday 19th so they can be sent off.


History – Mrs Thomas has added a blog post with some questions/research that you could do about Victorian School.

Science – Explore coding by looking at the latest Science magazine (link on Purple Mash blog)


Miss Sewell