6.7.20 Home learning for the week

Morning Year 5!

It has been lovely to see you all at school last week. I hope you also enjoyed the ‘zoom’ calls, where you could chat to members of the class who might be in a different ‘island’ to you. The first group was a bit of a technical disaster from my side, but the rest went smoothly! I will be doing more calls this Wednesday, and hopefully I won’t have any technical hitches!

Here is some activities you might like to do when you’re not in school this week.

Maths – These tasks are for the three days that you’re not in school:

Task 1 – Regular and irregular polygons

Task 2 – Reasoning about 3D shapes

Task 3 – Practise your times tables! You could use Mathletics, make times table cards, go on Monster Multiplication on Purple Mash, or any other method that you like.

English – This week (and next week), I am going to give you a choice of activities all on the theme of wizards. In the link below, there is a booklet with lots of different English tasks. I don’t expect you to do all the tasks over the next two weeks. Have a look through the booklet, and just chose a few that you’d like to do.


Other ideas:  The booklet mainly contains English activities, but it also contains other things you might like to try, for example, some Science experiments, or designing your own school. Maybe the wizard theme will inspire you with some other ideas – you could create some wizard inspired artwork, build a model, or make some wizard inspired food dishes!

Alternatively, if you have been enjoying finding out about Hawaii or Iceland, you could do some more research, or find out about another country that interests you!


Miss Sewell