Hello Year 5

Hopefully, most of you will have managed to get on our shared blog on PurpleMash today. Let me know if that’s not working as a way of communicating with you all.

I have attached on here the answers to the first maths sheet – Subtracting Fractions – as I can’t yet work out how to do that on our PurpleMash blog.

This was the blog, in case you haven’t been able to access PurpleMash:

Greeting Year 5!
I hope that you’ve all managed to keep busy over the weekend.  I am teaching in school today (for the children who are still coming to school), so won’t be online as much as some other days. I’ll still try to make sure that I check on this blog at some point during the day though. 
If you’re not sure what to do today, maybe you could start the day (at 9 o’clock) with a bit of PE. Joe Wicks is doing an online PE session every morning for children, like you, who are having to be at home at the moment. Hopefully the link below will work. 
You could then attempt the first maths worksheet – subtract fractions. I’ll upload the answers later, so you can see how you did. If you’re stuck maybe you could blog what you’re finding tricky, and someone else in the class may be able to help you!
After having a break, you could start one of the writing activities from the Viking activities sheet. 
If you have some time after lunch, why not try one of the more creative activities, or learn a new skill!
Post comments on this blog to let me know how you get on today. If you want to send a picture you’ll have to do that as a new blog post, if you’re just writing a comment, attach it to this blog, so we don’t get too many blog posts!
Keep in touch
Miss Sewell
PS Has anyone created a timetable for themselves? Maybe you could post a picture – it could help if anyone else would like to have a timetable to follow.