Home learning in pictures – week 2

Although it might not feel like it, it is officially the last day of the Spring term! Well done Year 5 (and your parents!) for all your hard work this term, especially as some of it has been rather different to normal.  Next week, I won’t be setting daily work in the same way as normal (as it is the holidays), but I will blog on Monday with some ideas of what you might like to do over the Easter holidays.

It’s been great to see all the learning that you’ve been up to this week:

Apparently the dog is actually helping with the Maths! 😉

You’ve all been busy on PurpleMash completing different activities and creating and playing games and quizzes. The Viking Family Life work you all produced was brilliant. I can’t post them all here, so here is Stanley’s work – just one of many great examples.

Cooking seems to have been a popular activity this week. I’m very impressed with your culinary skills!

Some of you have been very creative in the way you have shown your history learning. Poppy made a Viking Trivial Pursuit game, and Jasmine a great model of an Anglo-Saxon house.

Charlotte has been practising her artistic skills and created some impressive works of art.

After thinking about the Snowman’s Coat problem, I know that some of you did your own Science investigation.

Caitlin’s investigation used ice covered in different materials. She made a prediction about what she thought would happen, but was surprised at the result! Have a look at what happened.  If you think you can work out why it occurred, add your thoughts to the Purple Mash blog!

Melting ice experiment