This week’s home learning in pictures

The week in pictures:
Over Easter, many of you did work linked to the Easter story. Bobby, Jasmine and James all created works of art showing the Last Supper, Hannah painted a perspective drawing of the cross and Luca created a model that tells the story of Good Friday to Easter Sunday

You seemed to enjoy our Science project this week –  investigating changes of materials. Here are a few pictures: Jodie and Lucy showing their investigations finding out what substances are soluble, Nathan experimented with food – here he is watching ice cream melt and then freezing it again, and Jasmine explored irreversible changes by making cakes!

As well as Science, lots of other learning has been happening this week! Here is Poppy’s descriptive writing and Charlotte’s poem, both using similes in their writing. Hannah has written a beautiful poem ‘What I cannot keep’. Mollie decided she’d like to learn about some famous people from History – she’s made fact-file about Winston Churchill and a board game about Nelson Mandela!

This week, the class have produced brilliant newspaper reports about a huge range of topics: the Starlink satellite, UFOs, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Homer Simpson winning a burger eating contest, Johnny Depp visiting school, and even me winning Britain’s Got Talent!

Here are a small selection. We have the discovery of a new planet, ghosts in Stanstead Abbotts and an escaped ‘Corona Croc’. For some reason, dogs seemed to be popular subject for the reports: we have a talking dog, mysterious events in ‘Berk’shire where people are turning into dogs, and finally, Luna the Wonder-dog who can cure the Covid19 virus! They really are great. Have a read!

I can’t wait to see what amazing work you produce next week.

Miss Sewell