Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 5!

I hope you all had a good weekend, managed to keep busy and are all keeping well.

I will continue to write a post each day (which appears here and on the PurpleMash blog) with suggested work for the day. I know that some of you will be sharing computers with your brothers and sisters and parents and that, for many of you, your parents will be trying to do their own work at the same time as looking after you! If this means you can’t get all the work done, please don’t worry about it.  You can always try the work the next day, or do something different which you can do independently and without a computer. You can always make times table cards or help with the measuring for cooking to help with your Maths learning, or read a book or write a story to help with your English.

Possible ideas for the day:

PE-  Joe Wicks at 9am

Maths – I have set you some Mathletics tasks about fractions!

English – I have set a grammar task on PurpleMash. You could also write a diary from the weekend or do one of the Viking writing tasks.

Wider Curriculum – choose one of the research or creative tasks from the Viking activities sheet, or do some of your own creative learning about a topic with interests you.

Do post a picture of what you do on the PurpleMash blog, or send me an email of your creations .  It was great to be able to make an end-of-week post showing what all of you have been up to! (If you haven’t seen last week’s, scroll down to my next post)

Keep in touch

Miss Sewell