This week’s home learning in pictures

This week, Year 5 have written some amazing letters and poems and made their own musical compositions. Here are some photos of some other things they’ve been getting up to.

Making elder-flower cordial

Charlotte’s art

Mollie painted this from 2m away! She even made a video of how she created it!

We had some fabulous ‘re-create a famous moment in history’ challenges. Nathan created a film of Neil Papworth sending the first text message and Holly re-created the moment Ada Lovelace created the first computer like machine. Here is Bobby’s WWII image, the building of the pyramids by Charlotte, and Jodie recreating the first man on the moon!


Mrs Thomas set another challenge  – to take photos of nature. Here are our fabulous photographs!

by Nathan

by Keyaan

by Keyaan

By Keyaan

by Holly


by Jodie

by Hannah


By James


By Poppy