This week’s home learning in pictures

We had and art focus this week. Here is some of the art created by Year 5:

Some people accepted my ‘Just for Fun’ challenge and tried to recreate a famous work of art…

Nathan’s recreation of a Banksy piece of artwork:

Jodie’s recreation of the Son of Man by Magritte, and Jodie’s dog recreates His Master’s Voice!

Charlotte as Salvador Dali…

Lucy’s toy dogs help recreate Waterloo by Coolidge

And finally, the Mona Lisa!


We had fun creating our own superheroes.

Here are a selection of descriptions of other superhero creations. We tried to include relative clauses in our writing. Have a read!

Some people were still carrying on with their science research about reversible and irreversible changes – through making ice lollies! James investigated heating crisp packets at different temperatures and cooked BBQ pizza, and Charley made brownies!