Thursday 2nd April – Morning Year 5

Hi Year 5!

Hope that you are all doing well. Here is a rough idea of what you might do today:

PE – Joe Wicks at 9, or try one of the challenges from the Sports Partnership

English – Carry on with your Viking Life writing. You might want to add subheadings to split up your writing into sections. Don’t forget your full stops and capital letters! As well as remembering your punctuation, try  to think about using a variety of ways to start your sentences to make your writing interesting . You could start a sentence with a conjunction (eg. When…, If…, Even though…, Although…), or a  fronted adverbial (eg In the morning, During Viking times, Usually, As well as this)

Maths – If you haven’t already, try the Subtracting 2 Mixed Numbers maths sheet. The end few questions are quite tricky, so don’t worry if you get stuck on them. If you need any help with the Maths sheet, just write a comment on the blog, and I will try to help you!  If you can get to a computer, go on Mathletics – see if you can get a certificate this week!

Science –

Well done for all the quizzes about solids, liquids and gases that you created yesterday. I’ve set Carter’s quiz as a 2do for you all to try to go over what you’ve learnt. If you want an extra challenge try Holly’s quiz  – I’ll add it to the Purple Mash blog.

Melting snowman:

Concept Cartoons | Katie's Learning Journey

What do you think? There will be a post on the Year 5 Blog with this picture. It would be great if everyone could write their ideas in a comment below. Who do you think is right? Can you explain your reasons?

If any of you feeling particularly scientific today (and there is some ice in your freezer), you could try out your own experiment to test your ideas using a piece of ice. Will the ice cube felt faster with something covering it? Maybe you could try with different materials? What makes the ice melt slowest or quickest? (Ask an adult first though!)

As always, if there are other activities that you’d like to do, feel free. Charley did  say yesterday that he’d learnt to knit . I’m not sure whether he is working on a scarf as we speak (I look forward to a picture), or if that was  an April Fool joke! 🙂 Send in any pictures ready for Friday’s picture round up of the week. Add them to the blog or email

Take care

Miss Sewell