Wednesday 1st April – Year 5

Good Morning Year 5

I hope that you are all keeping busy and managing to find ways to keep yourselves entertained whilst staying at home.

Some ideas for activities for the day:

PE – Joe Wicks at 9, or some other exercise.    The Hertford and Ware Sports Team are putting lots of sports activities on their website. Take a look.

English – Start your Viking Family Life writing – I don’t expect you to finish it today!

The PurpleMash 2do has different ideas of topics you might write about at the side, and questions that you might want to explore. If you didn’t do any research yesterday, look at the websites that I gave in yesterday’s blog.  There is the template on PurpleMash for you to type in – you might want to add subheading though.  If you’d prefer not to use PurpleMash to present the information, you can use  a different way instead eg Make a poster, or write by hand rather than type. You can always share a picture of your finished work.

Maths – Try the next Maths Sheet  – if you’ve kept up with suggestions on here, it will be Subtract Two Mixed Numbers. (I’ll put some advice on how to tackle these questions onto the Year 5 Blog on PurpleMash)

Science – Find out about solids, liquids and gases. Watch this video to help: Then make a quiz to test others about what you have learnt.  I have set the quiz making task as a 2do on PurpleMash.

I look forward to trying your Science quizzes!

Do keep in contact on the PurpleMash Year 5 blog and it would be lovely to see any pictures of what you’ve been you’ve been getting up to in your home learning. It could be of other skills you are learning – anyone learnt to cook? Or knit??

Take care

Miss Sewell