Friday 27th March

Good morning Year 6.

Well we have made it to Friday of week 1! I hope you are all okay and (hopefully) enjoying some of the work you are doing.

Well done to all of you who have earned Mathletics certificates and a big well done to Darcy and Toby who have both earned silver certificates.

9:00 – Joe Wicks/Other workout

9:30 – Final shape activities on Mathletics plus end of unit test. Next week we are moving onto multiplying fractions. Feel free to get ahead of the game by looking at some of the activities on Mathletics.

11:00 – Harry Potter Day 5

pm –

Science Link above – Can be completed on paper or in your exercise book.

Purple Mash – I have set some ‘Gibbon’ coding tasks (next step on from ‘Chimp’). Feel free to work through the rest of the ‘Chimp’ activities too.

Have a good day and enjoy the weekend.

Mr Cooper