Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 6!

Well we have finally reached the end of term. This was not exactly how I imagined it but here we are.

I just wanted to start by saying what a great job you have all done this term and I am really impressed with how much progress you have all made. Well done.

Next week I will not be setting formal work each day but check back on Monday as I will be giving you some ideas of some projects that you could complete over the Easter holidays.

9:00 – Some sort of exercise! Go Noodle, Imoves, Joe Wicks or anything you fancy!!

9:30 – Have a go at completing your ‘The Mystery of the Missing Knight’ that was in your pack.

I will create a thread on our Purple Mash page for you to send in who you think the culprit is. I will then reveal the answer at 4:00pm!

11:00 – Final day of Harry Potter (attached below)

pm – Purple Mash activities

History – Complete a task on your World War II page or another activity that you would like.

Enjoy your final day!

Mr Cooper

Year 6 Day 10