Monday 11th May

Well here we are year 6 – SATs week! I can safely say this is the strangest SATs week I have ever experienced (last year was quite interesting with a new baby!) I just wanted to say that I know you would have all done a great job this week as you all worked so hard before the situation that we are currently in unfolded.

Thank you for all the wonderful work that you have sent in. It does make my life seem ever so slightly more normal. I have added a few examples of last weeks art challenge

A Girl with a Cat called Lara

This weeks challenge is to get a tea bag into a cup in the most creative way! You may want to film this and send in a copy.

9:00 – P.E/Physical Activity

9:30 – Maths – Summer Week 2 – Angles in Special Quadrilaterals

11:00 – English – Oliver Twist

Episode 6 (make sure you have listened to all previous lessons first!)

Draw a picture of the scene where Oliver has fallen asleep at his books with Monks and Fagin. Add speech and thought bubbles for the characters of Monks and Fagin.

p.m – Victorians

This week I would like you to consider ‘The River’ and how this would be used during Victorians times. It would be nice to focus the work around the River Lea but you could also investigate other rivers (The Thames etc). Some great information can be found on the Stanstead Abbotts History Society page.