Monday 1st June

Good morning Year 6,

I am looking forward to welcoming some of you book to school this morning. It’ll be great to see you again. I know Mrs Hoskin is looking forward to Thursday too.

As it will be a strange time with some of you at school and some of you not, I will be setting a range of activities at the beginning of the week for you to be getting on with.  Feel free to keep sending in any work you do at home to

Just For Fun Challenge – This week we would like you to re-create a famous moment in history. Think England winning the World Cup, Man landing on the moon or Usain Bolt winning the 100m. Let your imagination go wild! Remember to send in your entries.

Maths – Multiply fractions by integers





English – These are the resources for the whole week.

HfL Covid19 back to school resources_UKS2_Lesson Prompt UKS2 Clockwork (1)

The next activity is something that can be worked on at both home and school as you can choose any aspect to work on at anytime. The idea is to create a yearbook of your time at St Andrew’s.

You can create it however you would like but the following powerpoint gives some ideas of what you could do.

HfL Covid19 back to school resources_Year 6_Lesson Prompt Y6 Looking Back

Mr Cooper