Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year 6,

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Maths – Expressions and Algebra

Video Links –

Lesson 1 – Find a rule – two step 2019

Lesson 1 Answers – Find a rule – two step 2019

Lesson 2 – Forming expressions 2019

Lesson 2 Answers – Forming expressions 2019

Lesson 3 – Substitution 2019

Lesson 3 Answers – Substitution 2019

Lesson 4 – Solve simple one-step equations 2019

Lesson 4 Answers – Solve simple one-step equations 2019


English – In class we will be starting to write our ghostly stories. As groups we have planned stories that follow a very similar structure to ensure we can do some shared writing as a class. I know however, that some of you were brimming with ideas for your own stories. This week you have the chance to write any ghostly story that you would like.

Remember that the writing process can be a long one and you will not be completely finished after your first draft. You will need to go back and re-write and improve sections just like we would do in class. You can use websites such as ‘The Literacy Shed’ for some inspiration if you are stuck with an idea.

Please send me any finished stories that you have written!

P.M – Alongside your stories it would be great to have some illustrations. These really help to add to the mood/atmosphere when reading.

Keep an eye on the blog as I will also be adding this weeks Virtual School Sports activity. This week is cricket I believe!

Have a good week.

Mr Cooper