Monday 27th April

Good morning Year 6,

I hope you had a nice weekend and are ready for another week of school!

Keep sending me your work. It has been great to see some of what has been going on. I have uploaded some of the work from last week on a previous blog so do have a look.

This week: Focus – Victorian School Life

I would like you to focus this week on what school was like during the Victorian times. I am happy for your research to take any route that interests you. I might be about the school buildings (could be linked to the village), timetable, playtimes, clothes, teachers, lessons etc!

9:00 – P.E

9:30 – Maths – Scale Factor – Week 2 Lesson 1

11:00 – English – The Subjunctive

Year 6 Week 4 Day 1

Subjunctive Powerpoint with audio

P.M – Victorian School Life or any other aspect you would be interested in exploring!

Have a good day