Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Year 6.

Thank you for your wonderful menus that you have been sending in! I have attached a picture of Joey’s menu which particularly stood out for me.

9:00 – Joe Wicks or Similar workout (you could explore Imoves – you will need a parent to help sign up)

9:30 – Mathletics – Fractions work and end of unit test

11:00 -Harry Potter Day 9 (attached)

p.m – Digital Detox afternoon! Have an afternoon with no screens. Plan an activity in the morning that you could do. Play a card games (you-tube link to Herts for Maths – have a look and write down rules in the morning!), do some cooking, create a piece of artwork, read a chapter of a book and write around that chapter or anything you fancy that doesn’t involve a screen!

Year 6 Day 9