Thursday 30th April

Good morning Year 6.

Thank you again for the work you are sending in. It looks like you are up to some fantastic things! Keep sending in any pieces of work that you have completed.

If I Were A King Sam

Victorian schools

9:00 – P.E/Physical Activity

9:30 – Maths – Week 2 Lesson 4 – Introducing Angles

I have also set some Mathletics activities related to angles work that we have already completed this year.

11:00 – English – Performance Poetry

Year 6 Week 4 Day 4

P.M – The Victorians – Inventions

The Victorian period was known for some famous inventions. I would like you to complete an activity around this topic.

You could: create a timeline of famous Victorian inventions; write a biography about a famous inventor; draw a labelled diagram of an important invention; create a new invention that would help your life today! Or any other idea that takes your fancy.

Have a good day.