Thursday 7th May

Good morning Year 6.

I hope you are all well and looking after your families still.

9:00 – P.E/Physical Activity – Why not check out some of the activities on the Hertford and Ware Sports Page?

9:30 – Maths – Angles in a triangle – Missing angles

11:00 – English – Chapter 4

Listen to the chapter and then write a newspaper article describing the break-in. Use the checklist attached to remind yourself of all the features required for  a newspaper report. Remember this is a fantastic opportunity to practise your skills using the passive voice (Object, Verb, Subject) e.g. a house was broken into. A cudgle was found.

Genre Features Checklist

P.M – Science – Heart-rate Investigation

This afternoon I would like you to plan an investigation looking at the effect of exercise on our heart rate.

Use the attached powerpoint to point you in the right direction but feel free to make up your own investigation using activities of your choice. You might want to begin by taking your resting heart rate (find your pulse or use a fitbit for example). Record your results in a table and then on a graph.