Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Year 6.

I hope you are all well. Thank you for sending your videos of ‘getting a tea bag into a cup in the most interesting way’. There have been some fantastic entries so far! I will try and make a video of them all for the end of the week.

9:00 – P.E/Physical Activity

9:30 – Maths – Summer Week 2- Angles in regular polygons



11:00 – English – Episode 7 – Oliver Twist


Using the section of the chapter below, create a drawing of this scene. Add speech bubbles and thought bubbles for all characters as to what might be happening.

‘Fagin comes to visit Sikes and Nancy returns to Fagin’s den with him to collect some money. Monks is waiting for Fagin there and the two men go upstairs, not realising that Nancy silently follows behind them. Nancy listens to the conversation and learns more of the relationship between Monks and Oliver – including the revelation that Oliver is Monks’s younger brother.’

P.M – Victorian Era

I would like you to continue with your work on ‘The River’ and the importance of it. You might want to focus on aspects such as transport or leisure. You may decide to focus on a big event such as the river freezing. The Stanstead Abbotts History page has some great information but you can use a range of other sources too.

Have a great day. Mr Cooper.