Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Year 6,

Sorry again for the confusion yesterday! Hopefully you managed to get by okay.

9:00- P.E/Physical Activity

9:30 – Maths – Summer week 1 Lesson 2 Angles in Triangles


11:00- English – Oliver Twist – Lesson 2


Now you can write a diary entry as the old gentleman who was robbed!

When you listen to the story (use the transcript to help you follow) make a note of any words that you maybe unsure of the meaning. When you have finished see if you can find out the meaning to these words or phrases.

P.M – Science – The Heart

Today I would like you to look at the heart. Find out how it functions and what components there are.

You could create a flow chart to show how blood moves around the heart or create a labelled drawing of the inside of the heart. Use the following links to find out some important information.