The Christmas Nativity and more

Christmas is coming. Woohoo! What a special time of year in Early Years. Thank you to each and everyone for supporting your children, helping them learn their lines and cleaning their costumes. Weren’t they fabulous throughout the Nativity performance? Not one tear and everyone took part. Also a huge thank […]

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Marshmallows and microbes

People of year 4, The English language is full of confusion. On this screen there is an instruction telling me to move to bin and then publish. Things aren’t that bad yet, despite global events.  I have been in airplane toilets that command me to depress a pedal. No amount […]

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Autumn walks and exciting discoveries

Last week we learned how to write our own story based on the ‘Bear Hunt’ and this week some children have independently gone off to write their own stories. Ella is off on a ‘Fish Hunt’ and Elodie has written about a ‘Jelly-fish Hunt’.      What a wonderful day we have […]

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