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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Mr Cooper and Mrs Hoskin (class LSA) teach our Year 6 class.

We have a hard working but exciting Spring term planned. Please read the Spring newsletter for details.

  • Monday 30th March

    Good morning Year 6!

    I hope you are all well and kept yourselves amused over the weekend.

    I will again this week continue to set work each day for the children but please don’t feel you have to stick to this religiously. We understand that many of you will be sharing computers with siblings or not have support from adults. If you decide that actually for Maths you would rather read a recipe and weight out ingredients then this is fine.

    9:00 – Workout/Keep Fit

    9:30 – Mathletics (Multiplying Fractions and any other areas you would like)

    11:00 – English – Week 2 of Harry Potter (hopefully attached!) These tasks can be completed in your exercise books/on paper if you cannot print them off.

    pm – Purple Mash Coding Activities

    Art – Have a go at recreating a piece of street art that you like or creating your own piece. Perhaps these could be shared? Feel free to add to Purple Mash blog or e-mail me.

    Have a good day. Harry Potter Monday 30th

  • Friday 27th March

    Good morning Year 6.

    Well we have made it to Friday of week 1! I hope you are all okay and (hopefully) enjoying some of the work you are doing.

    Well done to all of you who have earned Mathletics certificates and a big well done to Darcy and Toby who have both earned silver certificates.

    9:00 – Joe Wicks/Other workout

    9:30 – Final shape activities on Mathletics plus end of unit test. Next week we are moving onto multiplying fractions. Feel free to get ahead of the game by looking at some of the activities on Mathletics.

    11:00 – Harry Potter Day 5

    pm –

    Science Link above – Can be completed on paper or in your exercise book.

    Purple Mash – I have set some ‘Gibbon’ coding tasks (next step on from ‘Chimp’). Feel free to work through the rest of the ‘Chimp’ activities too.

    Have a good day and enjoy the weekend.

    Mr Cooper



  • Thursday 26th March

    Good morning Year 6!

    I hope you are all well and behaving for your parents/carers!

    A quick well done to Jack, Fred, Joshua, Laura and Lottie who have all earned Bronze Mathletics certificates this week. Keep going! How about trying some live Mathletics with each other this morning? Maybe try logging on at 10 if possible?

    Thank you also to Darcy for her 500 word story that she e-mailed to me. I’ll perhaps try and see if we can find a way to share all our stories with each other.

    9:00- Joe Wicks/Other workout

    9:30 – Mathletics – Shape tasks

    11:00 – Harry Potter Day 4

    pm – computing/Shakespeare task set and any other areas you wish to learn about!

  • Wednesday 25th March

    Good morning Year 6,

    I hope you are all well.

    9:00- Joe Wicks workout

    9:30 – Translation and Triangles activities on Mathletics.

    11:00 – Harry Potter Day 3

    pm – Coding Activity on Purple Mash

    Create a quiz on Purple Mash – this can be on any area that we have studied this year!

    Any other activities from your pack!

    I know some of the coding activities can be tricky/confusing at times but if you keep exploring the various resources and watch the instructions hopefully they will become clearer as we go on!

    Have a good day.

    Mr Cooper

  • Tuesday 24th March

    Good morning!

    Have you all remembered to choose your lunch today?

    Rough timetable for the day –

    9:00 Joe Wicks Workout

    9:30 – Mathletics – Translation and Coordinates

    11:00 – Day 2 of Harry Potter Pack

    pm – Street art work – Find an artist/piece of work you like. Add a comment to the blog on Purple Mash

    – 2nd coding task

    Have a good day!

  • Monday 23rd March

    Good morning Year 6!

    Hope you are all safe feeling well.

    I have set out a rough timetable for the day just so there is a sense of normality!

    9:00 – Joe Wicks Workout (

    9:30 – Mathletics – Coordinates task/shape task set then explore coordinates activities on Mathletics

    11:00 – Day 1 of Harry Potter English activities

    pm – Coding Task set on Purple Mash and then explore the coding activities further

    Have a goo day!