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In Year Admissions

We welcome children to our school in all year groups, where there is availability. All prospective parents and children are invited to look round the school . Please contact the School Office to arrange.

Reception to Year 6

Applications for our current Reception to Year 6 classes age are dealt with by HCC, who is responsible for coordinating  the ‘In Year’ admissions for these year groups. Parents are able to apply online at or seek the use of the school’s ICT facilities to do so. HCC will allocate places to St Andrew’s Primary in accordance with the County’s published admission rules.


HCC is required by law to deliver 15 hours a week of free Early Years provision for all 3 and 4 year olds.

St Andrew’s offers full time provision of 3 hours per session, 5 days a week from 8.45 – 11.45am.  Children are expected to attend all five mornings to ensure continuity in their learning and access to the whole curriculum.

To enquire about a place in St Andrew’s current Nursery class, parents/carers are required to  contact the School Office on 01920 870097 or via email:

30 hours childcare provision for Nursery children

In partnership with Bobtails Playgroup, we are able to offer parents 30 hours free childcare provision on the same school site. This is an extra 15 hours per week, to those parents who are eligible, in addition to the children’s existing 15 hours free early education (Nursery) funding.

This provision is offered in the afternoons:

  • St Andrew’s Primary (Nursery) – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (6 hours)
  • Bobtails Playgroup – Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons (9 hours)

For more information about free childcare and eligibility for 30 hours, please visit:

If you qualify for the free childcare you will be given an 11 digit code.

Parents who are not eligible for the additional 15 hours funding will be able to pay for the afternoon sessions, if they would like their child to attend. Contact St Andrew’s Primary for Tuesday and Thursday provision and Bobtails Playgroup for Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons: