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Leadership Team

Mrs Helen Gillingham  Headteacher
Mr Andrew Price  Deputy Headteacher & Early Years Coordinator
Mr Alastair Cooper  Key Stage 2 Coordinator
Mrs Carolina Davey  SENCO
Miss Hannah Muncey  Key Stage 1 Coordinator

Teaching Staff

Miss Jessica Bowie  Nursery
Mr Andrew Price  Reception
Miss Raine Phillips  Reception (afternoon  3 days)
Miss Hannah Muncey  Year 1
Mrs Carolina Davey  Year 2
Miss Emma King  Year 3
Mr Joshua Chesterman  Year 4
Miss Jenny Sewell  Year 5
Mr Alastair Cooper  Year 6
Mrs Natalie Thomas  Year 1 & Year 3 Teaching Support (2 days)
Mr Andrew Gallagher  PPA Cover
Mrs Beryl Brown
Mrs Liz James  PPA Cover

Learning Support Assistants

Miss Raine Phillips  EYFS
Mrs Sarah Trevett  EYFS
Mrs Samantha Felstead  EYFS
Ms Amanda Murray  Key Stage 1
Mrs Julia Addy  Active Listener & Key Stage 1
Mrs Shirley Agyen  Key Stage 1
Mrs Wendy Randall  Key Stage 1
Mrs Sonia Wright  Key Stage 1
Mrs Sam Robb  Key Stage 2
Ms Lucy Hayes  Key Stage 2
Mrs Jacqui Hoskin  Key Stage 2
Mrs Elaine Sutcliffe  EYFS, Inclusion (INCO), Whole School Autism Lead
Mrs Georgette Lovell  SEN LSA (afternoons)

Office Staff

Mrs Teresa Fowle  Secretary
Mrs Jo Zaffuto  Administrative Assistant
Mrs Catherine Moorcroft  Administrative Assistant
Mrs Dawn Gardner  Administrative Assistant
Mrs Sarah Hall  Administrative  Supply

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Samara Partridge  Cook in Charge
Mrs Jane Davenport  Assistant Cook
Mrs Kasey Barnard  General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Wendy Randall  Playleader
Mrs Shirley Agyen  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms Lucy Hayes  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Georgette Lovell  SEN Support
Mrs Melanie Sovitch  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms Sarah Webb  Midday Supervisory Assistant


Mr Peter Flaxton  Caretaker

Other Staff

Mr Mike Emerson  Peripatetic Music Teacher – piano and keyboard
Mr Mike Fone  Peripatetic Music Teacher –  brass instruments
Mr Steve Riggs  IT technician
Mr Gerry King  Road Crossing Patrol