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Peripatetic Music

Keyboard / Piano / Brass

Learning to play an instrument can give endless pleasure and also develop a child’s self confidence and self-esteem.

We are very pleased to be able to continue to offer keyboard / piano and brass tuition with Mr Mike Emerson and Mr Mike Fone. Presently, music tuition is available for children in Year 3 and above.

Although we currently offer individual lessons, group teaching has been shown to be as equally effective in raising the quality of learning and both music tutors are happy to consider pairs of children of the same musical standard, (or new beginners).

Music tuition is offered for 33 weeks per year and charged at 11 weeks for each term.  Payments are made directly to the school and an invoice will be sent to you at the beginning of each term.  All payments must be received before the end of the current term and half a term’s notice is required if your child wishes to cease lessons. Remission of fees may be available for parents on a low income. Please call into the School Office for further details.

Please be aware that on occasions lessons may be missed due to school trips.  It may be possible to make up missed lessons, but there is no guarantee.  In the Autumn and Summer terms the children take part in a performance to the rest of the school in an assembly.  Parents of children performing may wish to attend.  An invitation will be sent to you at the time.

Brass Tuition

If your child has not experienced playing a brass instrument before but is interested in taking up tuition, Mr Fone would be very happy for them to try out a selection of brass instruments, depending on availability, in a free taster session at the beginning of next term.

If your child then takes up tuition, instruments can be hired from the Hertfordshire Music Service on a renewable basis or alternatively they also provide an assisted instrument purchase scheme where parents can buy instruments at a reasonable cost.  Parents are, of course, at liberty to purchase on their own accord as well.