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At St Andrew’s Primary School, we believe that art stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. We believe that art gives our pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express responses to ideas and experiences. It fires their imagination.

Our Art curriculum provides children with opportunities to develop their skills using a range of media and materials. Children will be introduced to a range of artists. They are encouraged to respond and reflect on the pieces of art and create their own works of art inspired by what they have explored.

In Art, children are expected to be reflective and evaluate their work, thinking about how they can make changes and keep improving. This should be meaningful and continuous throughout the process, with evidence of age-related verbal and written refection. Children are encouraged to take risks and experiment and then reflect on why some ideas and techniques are successful or not for a particular project.



Our curriculum is split into three main areas of focus: drawing and painting, sculpture, and printing. Each class covers all three areas over the year, giving the opportunity for previous learning to be built upon and deepened. Through the three main areas and other opportunities in the wider curriculum, children learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, collage, digital art, 3D work and sculpture and textiles.

The natural environment is a big stimulus at St Andrew’s Primary School. The children are often taken outside to draw in the natural light, in the Forest School and under the trees in our wonderful grounds.

We use sketchbooks, which follow them from Year 1 to Year 6, to capture the children’s art learning throughout their time at St Andrew’s and to show progression in their artistic ability. We encourage children to work on their own and to collaborate with others on projects.

At St Andrew’s Primary School, art is not taught just taught in a designated Art lesson, but wherever appropriate it is linked to the wider curriculum as it gives children the opportunities to bring topics to life.

Our Art Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. If children are keeping up with the curriculum, they are deemed to be making good or better progress.








By the end of their time with us, we want pupils to have learned, improved and embedded a range of artistic skills. They should have an awareness of a broad range of artists and craftspeople, and be able to consider and discuss the artworks they come across. We want our pupils to be confident to explore, experiment and take risks, placing value on the process and journey that they take, not just on the finished product. Most importantly, we want children to have found and enjoyed a creative outlet – a means of self-expression and enjoyment.