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It is our intent that we make music an enjoyable learning experience that will inspire pupils to develop a love of music and nurture their talent as musicians. At St Andrew’s, we want our children to increase their musical understanding through listening, singing, playing, creating, evaluating, analysing, and composing across a variety of musical styles.

How we plan Music

EYFS – Musical opportunities are regularly provided in the indoor and outdoor provision. Children are also taught songs and rhymes as part of their adult led activities.

From Nursery to Year 6 we follow the ‘Sing-Up’ scheme of work to ensure a wide exposure to different genres of music, with lots of practical opportunities for the children to explore, create and develop as musicians and singers. This scheme builds progressively so that the children develop their knowledge and understanding as they go through the year groups.


Our music lessons provide opportunities for our children to sing, listen, play, create, perform and evaluate. We have a variety of musical instruments which are used during lesson times.

All the children have regular musical opportunities to develop and perform through collective worship, sharing/whole school assemblies, keyboard performances, school nativity, Easter and end of year performances.

In Year 4 all of the children are taught a specific musical instrument for the school year- presently guitar lessons, by a specialist teacher.

Additional opportunities are offered in music, such as the possibility to learn a brass instrument, keyboard/piano lessons and being part of the school choir, which performs regularly both in school and at events in the local community.


We measure the impact by formative methods and adjust our planning and delivery accordingly to the needs of the children. We make a summative statement about the children’s attainment at the end of each term and in the final year report to parents.