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Welcome to our Nursery.

Miss Bowie is the Nursery teacher with Miss Phillips and Mrs Trevett as key workers.

  • 30.03.20

    Good morning Nursery,

    Monday again already, can you sing our Days of the week song?

    “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, BOO!

    Thursday, Friday, Yoo hoo hoo!

    Saturday, Sunday,  tra la la,

    The whole weeks over cha cha cha,

    The whole weeks over cha cha cha,

    The whole weeks over CHA CHA CHA!”

    I have chosen the book ” A squash and a squeeze” by Julia Donaldson for you to read this week.  If you don’t have the book at home, you can watch it being read on you tube – link below.  Listen for the words that rhyme, can you tell me two words you can hear that rhyme?   You could email me them at the nursery email address.   Perhaps you can draw a picture of your home and the people who live in it.  You could add in some of the animals from the story, I wonder how many of the animals you can remember!

    See  if you can find any other books at home that have rhyming words.

    Has anyone done a number hunt or a shape hunt around your home yet?  Perhaps you could have a look today and see what numbers you can find.  I would love to see any photos.

    If you have a dice at home you could play a game rolling the dice, counting the dots, then doing that number of actions – jumps, hops, or claps etc.  See if you could do this on your own.

    Remember you can access Mini mash if you like and have a look at the ‘Growth’ section.

    On Thursday I was thinking you might like to make some Easter nests (as a maths activity).  Maybe you can ask you parents if they can get the ingredients in the next few days.   BBC Good food have an ‘easy Easter nest’ recipe.   You will need:

    200g milk chocolate

    85g Shredded wheat ( You can also use cornflakes)

    200g Mini Chocolate eggs

    (You will also need cupcake cases)


    Have a great day and enjoy your learning,

    Miss Bowie

  • Mini mash

    Hi Nursery,

    Hope you are well and have been enjoying your new reading books.  Have you explored mini mash yet?  I have been busy playing with it and learning how it all works!   I have changed the settings so that when you log on to Purple mash it should take you directly to mini mash.  On the mini mash home page I have pinned the section ‘Growth’ for you to access as it links to our learning.  There are a variety of activities you can choose from, you can do as many or as few as you like.  I have created individual work trays for you to save work in, please put your child’s name when you save it.

    Have fun!

    Miss Bowie

  • 26.03.20

    Good Morning Nursery!

    Hope you are all keeping well, what have you been up to?  Please feel free to email me  at  I would love to hear what you have been doing.

    Today I will be trying out Oti Mabuse’s online dance lesson for children which is on you tube at 11.30 am in case you would like to join in too.

    Have a good day!

    Miss Bowie

  • 24.03.20 Update

    Dear Nursery children, parents and carers,

    I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sunny weather.

    Whilst the school is closed I will be posting regular blogs on here so that we can still communicate.  I hope you have read the ‘ Nursery home learning information’ below.   This will provide you with some ideas for things to do over the next two weeks, similar to what we would have been doing in class.   This is not an exhaustive list, there are many other activities or online learning opportunities you may like to do, please feel free to go with your child’s interests and develop their learning in their chosen area.   This is not compulsory so please do not feel under any pressure.  The most important thing is to spend some quality time together.  Do not underestimate the importance of simply talking and playing!

    Here is a rough timetable of what a usual morning looks like in Nursery, in case you want to follow some (or any!) of this routine at home:

    8.45 Early Work : Strengthening Fine Motor Skills  by one of the following activities: construction toys / threading / drawing/ cutting / jigsaw puzzles.

    9.00 Phonics: Choosing ‘Smiley Badge Helpers’ (Saying the initial sound of a child’s name and see if they know whose name starts with that sound).   Singing Nursery Rhymes, such as Twinkle Twinkle, Humpty Dumpty, 12345, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Hey Diddle Diddle or 5 Cheeky Monkeys, etc.

    9.15 Dance along to a song on ‘Go noodle ‘website (such as ‘Poppin’ bubbles’).  Then play ’Melting’ to wind down (also on Go noodle).

    9.20 Adult Led Activity:  (You could choose any activity to do on any day)

    • Mondays: Story  – Rhyming book (such as a Julia Donaldson book)
    • Tuesdays: Collective Worship – We would be learning about the Easter story.   You could sing the songs ‘Or God is a great big God’ and ‘’Jump up and down, be happy’ which you can google.
    • Wednesday: Phonics – Use Phonics Play website – Phase 1 interactive games.
    • Thursday: Maths – Eg go on a number hunt or a shape hunt around your home.
    • Friday: PE – you could do Joe Wicks Body Coach PE workout (this is live at 9am- 9.30am), or Cosmic Yoga on you tube. (If you have your PE kit you could see how independently you can get changed!).


    9.45 Child Initiated Learning time inside and outside: Free play for your child to choose what they would like to play with in the classroom or the garden.  (Also including snack time)

    11am Tidy up to a favourite song (Eg. Lion King – I just can’t wait to be king).

    11.10 Story time – Perhaps recap on a traditional tale story we have read

    11.25 Maths – Counting songs such as 5 little ducks, 10 green bottles,10 fat sausages or a shape song (eg. you tube: Shape song 2).

    11.40 Recap and reflect on the morning. (You could record this as a diary entry in the News Book ). You could take a photo of anything you have made and send it to the nursery email.

    11.45 Home time / lunch time

    In the afternoons, the children have some quiet time after they have eaten.

    On Tuesday afternoons we go for a walk around the school and up to Forest School.   If you have a garden, you could look for signs of Spring and new growth and talk about this together.   The children then have CIL time inside.

    On Thursday afternoons we go to the library and read our library books together. Then they have some CIL time outside.

    If you have any questions or would like to share what you have been up to, you can email me at  I would love to hear from you!

    For those children who weren’t in last week and haven’t received their Purple Mash log in details please email me and I can send you the details via email on Friday.   Any children who weren’t in to get their reading book;  it is in your child’s new zip wallet which I have left in the school office for you to collect (when you are able to do so. )

    Book Start packs have also arrived at school.  I will notify you when these will be available for you to collect from the school office.

    Stay safe, take care of each other and enjoy your learning,

    Miss Bowie 🙂

  • Nursery home learning information

    Hi all,

    Attached are some ideas for things you can do whilst the school is closed.

    Many thanks,

    Miss Bowie

  • January update 2020

    Each session is an exciting opportunity for our youngest children to learn and develop. Our children are provided with varied child initiated learning opportunities as well as short adult led activities. The children are encouraged and supported to develop their peer relationships and to play cooperatively with other.

    Their day begins with our early morning activities, such as cutting, threading and construction which focus on strengthening children’s fine motor skills

    Our phonics teaching this term will cover a range of Phase 1 activities; including listening to rhythm and rhyme in familiar stories, songs and Nursery rhymes. The literacy focus will be Traditional Tales, children will be able to act out the stories, retell them and join in with the repeated refrains. We visit our new library regularly for story time sessions, individual reading and to choose a library book to take home.

    Our maths sessions will include lots of practical resources so that children can explore concepts of number. Children will practise counting on a daily basis and be encouraged to use mathematical language at any opportunity during play. We will also continue to have Superstar Sports providing PE sessions where our children will learn a variety of skills through fun and engaging games and activities and we will continue to do yoga and mindfulness sessions regularly.

    We also often make use of the outdoor areas at school; going for nature walks, visiting Coppins Corner and our Forest School area.