Pupil Leadership


Welcome to our Nursery. Mrs Bugg is our Nursery teacher, supported by 2 LSAs, Mrs Felstead and Mrs Nelson Turner.


Welcome to Reception Our Reception teacher is Mrs Mills. She is supported by Mrs Sovitch.

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 Miss Bowie and Mrs Thomas are our Year 1 class teachers, supported by Mrs Dear our class LSA.  

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 Miss Muncey is our Year 2 class teacher, supported by Mrs Randall.

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 Dr Collins and Mrs Davey are our Year 3 class teachers, supported by Miss Wright.

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 Mr Chesterman is our Year 4 class Teacher.  Mrs Sutcliffe and Mrs Cottiss also work in the class, providing support.

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 Miss Sewell is our Year 5 class teacher. Miss Kumm and Mrs Murray also work in the class, providing support. Year 5 Recommended Books List  

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 Mr Cooper teaches our Year 6 class with Mrs Hoskin and Mr McNaughton providing support.   Year 6 Recommended Reading List