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Friends of St Andrew’s

Welcome to the Friends of St Andrew’s School (FOSTA) Webpage

Who are FOSTA and what do we do?

We are a group of parents, carers, grandparents, friends and staff of St Andrew’s School who organise events to raise invaluable extra funding which is used by the school to enhance and enrich the children’s school experience. In the school year 2021/22, we raised £9,875 for the school and funded a class set of Chromebooks, subsidised school trips, Living Eggs in Reception, Advent and Easter booklets and other experiences for the children. 

Each year group has a parent representative (see bottom of the page) who acts as a conduit between the committee and the other parents from their child’s class. 

Every parent with a child in the school is automatically a member of FOSTA and is warmly welcomed to join us at the meetings and to get involved but we understand that it can be difficult to dedicate your time when you have children and busy lives. You could just come along for a meeting to see what we do or commit time to an event by helping to set up or manning a stall. Also, we welcome any suggestions for fundraising ideas, you can do this via your class representative, a committee member, or the School Office. 

What has FOSTA done in  past years?

These are just some of the events we have run in the past:

  • Christmas discos for the children
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Summer Fete
  • Ran sponsor bounces
  • School marathon
  • Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day sale
  • cake sales

What is the money we raise used for?

Money raised has helped support the school in many different ways, these are just some of the events we have run in the past: 

  • A class set of Chromebooks 
  • Contributing to the cost of school trips which brings down the cost of for parents. 
  • Library Books
  • Advent & Easter Learning Books 
  • Living Eggs (Reception) 
  • Christmas pantomime
  • Year 6 leavers’ gifts 

Committee Members 
Chairs: Emma Weeks & Poppy Nash
Vice-Chairs: Tynan Simpson & Bianca Brinkley
Treasurer: Anne Washbourn & Scarlett Herbert
Secretary: Ruth Chumbley & Anke Breach

Class Representatives  
Nursery: Scarlett Herbert & Hani Matyus
Reception: Daniel Hollister 
Year 1: Anke Breach & Emma Weeks
Year 2: Poppy Nash & Beth Hickleton
Year 3: Ruth Chumbley & Kate Pilsbury
Year 4: Samara Partridge & Charlie Herod
Year 5: Bianca Brinkley & Natalie Bowen
Year 6: Poppy Nash & Tynan Simpson