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Inspection Reports


At our last inspection in November 2023 we were judged to be a  good school.

Ofsted Website

“Pupils enjoy attending St Andrew’s Primary. They look forward to the interesting and exciting learning the school offers. The school’s vision of ‘learning to love and love to learn’ links successfully to everything that happens at the school. This creates a caring and nurturing environment where pupils feel happy and safe.

Pupils enjoy studying a broad and interesting curriculum. It helps them to achieve well. They learn about what is special in the area where they live.
Pupils respond well to teachers’ high expectations of them. They always try to do the best that they can.

Pupils know how to behave well in school and how to be kind to each other. This creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which pupils can learn and play without disruption.”


SIAMS Inspection (January 2023)

The school was inspected in January 2023 and was judged to be an excellent School.

“A deeply Christian vision is the golden thread that weaves through every aspect of school life. Everyone is enabled to develop within the life-changing, transformational, and loving culture that permeates the school.”

“A wisely and sensitively selected curriculum is embedded. It builds on the foundation of the vision. The school is highly aspirational for its pupils and this permeates all its actions.” (SIAMS Inspection Report 2023)