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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Miss Sewell and Mrs Robb (class LSA) teach our Year 5 class.

  • Monday 30th March

    Good morning Year 5!

    I hope you all had a good weekend, managed to keep busy and are all keeping well.

    I will continue to write a post each day (which appears here and on the PurpleMash blog) with suggested work for the day. I know that some of you will be sharing computers with your brothers and sisters and parents and that, for many of you, your parents will be trying to do their own work at the same time as looking after you! If this means you can’t get all the work done, please don’t worry about it.  You can always try the work the next day, or do something different which you can do independently and without a computer. You can always make times table cards or help with the measuring for cooking to help with your Maths learning, or read a book or write a story to help with your English.

    Possible ideas for the day:

    PE-  Joe Wicks at 9am

    Maths – I have set you some Mathletics tasks about fractions!

    English – I have set a grammar task on PurpleMash. You could also write a diary from the weekend or do one of the Viking writing tasks.

    Wider Curriculum – choose one of the research or creative tasks from the Viking activities sheet, or do some of your own creative learning about a topic with interests you.

    Do post a picture of what you do on the PurpleMash blog, or send me an email of your creations .  It was great to be able to make an end-of-week post showing what all of you have been up to! (If you haven’t seen last week’s, scroll down to my next post)

    Keep in touch

    Miss Sewell


  • Home learning in pictures – week one

    It’s been a strange week for everyone, but it’s been great to see pictures of what Year 5 have been up to. Here are a few photos of the different activities that the class have been doing in their learning at home.

    Some of us have been making things related to our history topic of the Vikings. Below are pictures of a brilliant poster about Viking gods,  James’ weaving and Viking longhouse and Luca’s Viking game.

    Charlotte has written and illustrated a fabulous Viking story. Read it here!

    We have had other artistic contributions with Louie’s WW2 plane drawing and Poppy’s duck model. 

    I know many of us have been keeping active with Joe Wicks exercise in the morning and here we have archery as well! Holly has also been practising her cooking skills- those pizzas look tasty!


  • 27.3.20 Happy Friday!

    Here’s an idea of what you might get up to do:
    PE – Joe Wicks at 9am,  Oti Mabuse dance lesson ( at 11.30am,  go for a bike ride, create you own workout or jump on your trampoline!


    English – Try to do a bit of writing today if you can. You could: write a diary of the week (if you haven’t already been doing a daily diary), try one of the Viking writing activities, make a fact file about something you are interested in, write a book review, or be creative and write an imaginative story!  Chose something that you would enjoy writing! In your writing, if you can, try to vary the types of sentences you write and be accurate with your full stops and capital letters – imagine I’m there moaning at you! 😉

    Maths – If you haven’t managed to do some of the first three Maths sheets (Subtracting Fractions, Subtracting Mixed numbers and Subtraction breaking the whole), then try some of these questions. If you’ve completed these, choose some Mathletics activities. Play some Live Mathletics at 11am, so you can compete against other people in the class. Keep your times tables up to date – you could play hit the button

    Spelling – I’ve set up a little spelling quiz on PurpleMash of the spelling rule for this week – words ending in -ence

    Other activities – Maybe you could help you parents around the house? Learn to hoover, or cook!

    It’s a lovely day, so make sure you spend time outside if you can. You could create a picture out of stick and leaves (like we did at Stibbington). If you do, post a picture on the blog so we can all enjoy it!
    Enjoy your day
    Miss Sewell
  • 26.3.20 Morning!

    Good morning Year 5!

    I hope you are all keeping well, and busy!

    Here’s a few suggestions of what you might like to do today:

    PE – Joe Wicks at 9, or you could try a live dance lesson with Oti Mabuse at 11:30am

    Maths – Try the next Maths Sheet – if you’re managing to keep up, then it’s ‘Subtract – breaking the whole’ (on the blog on Purple Mash there is a video that might help)

    Spelling – another activity from Unit 7

    Reading – have some chill time reading a book! David Walliams is also reading from one of his books every day, so you could listen to that!

    Writing – Continue (or start) one of the Viking writing activities

    Wider Curriculum – complete the Science 2do on PurpleMash (if you haven’t already)

    If you’ve completed the Science activity, you could do a task from the Viking activity sheet or explore 2code on PurpleMash, or if you’ve got your own ideas about something you’d like to learn about or create, do that!

    I know that PurpleMash has sometimes been difficult to access (I think the whole world is trying to use it!) but do keep trying as it’s great  to be able to comment on the blog and create your own posts where they can share what you’ve been up to, and even post pictures of what you’ve been doing.

    Miss you all!

    Miss Sewell




  • 25.3.20 Greetings Year 5

    Morning Year 5

    It has been great to hear about what you’ve been up to over the last few days. Keep sending pictures (by email,, or by posting them to our PurpleMash blog At the end of the week, I’ll post some of the pictures on this blog so that you can all see what others have been up to.

    If you can, do try to make sure that you log into the PurpleMash blog fairly regularly as it’s a great way that I, and your classmates, can keep in touch.

    Ideas for activities for today:

    • PE – Joe Wicks PE lesson, or some other physical activity
    • Maths – Have another try at subtracting mixed numbers – you could carry on with the Maths sheet if you didn’t finish it yesterday.  Go on Mathletics – do a balance of activities and Live Mathletics.  If we all tried to go on at the same time, we could play Live Mathletics against each other. For those of us who can, shall we go on Live Mathletics at 11?
    • English – Enjoy reading a book! Complete a task from the Reading Challenge.
    • Spelling – Complete another activity from Unit 7
    • Have a go at the Science 2do that you’ve been set on PurpleMash (I know some of you have already completed this, so you could choose something else from the activities for this week, or doing something else creative!)

    I know some of you won’t get all of that done, and some of you will do more – that’s fine.

    Have fun and take care of yourselves

    Miss Sewell

  • 24.3.20 Happy Tuesday Year 5

    Hello Year 5!

    How are you all getting on? Are you managing to keep busy? Let me know if there’s not enough learning activities for you or if you would like help with any of the work set.

    Today you might do:

    • Joe Wicks online PE session
    • Maths sheet – subtracting mixed numbers
    • One or more activities from Unit 7 in your spelling book
    • Write an entry for your diary to document what you’ve been up to
    • Continue with/start a writing activity from the Viking activity sheet
    • Something creative – one of the Viking creative activities, or something else creative that you would like to do

    If you don’t get a chance to do all of this, don’t worry. I know that some of you will be doing lots of tasks at home – learning new life skills! Also, some of you might do all of those tasks, and more!

    It would be great if you could let me know what activities you’ve got planned for today, or what learning you did yesterday. If you have any pictures, attach them to a post or ask your parent to email them to me  It would be great for me, and the rest of the class, to see what you’ve been doing.

    Have a great day. Keep in touch.

    Miss Sewell

  • Hello Year 5

    Hopefully, most of you will have managed to get on our shared blog on PurpleMash today. Let me know if that’s not working as a way of communicating with you all.

    I have attached on here the answers to the first maths sheet – Subtracting Fractions – as I can’t yet work out how to do that on our PurpleMash blog.

    This was the blog, in case you haven’t been able to access PurpleMash:

    Greeting Year 5!
    I hope that you’ve all managed to keep busy over the weekend.  I am teaching in school today (for the children who are still coming to school), so won’t be online as much as some other days. I’ll still try to make sure that I check on this blog at some point during the day though. 
    If you’re not sure what to do today, maybe you could start the day (at 9 o’clock) with a bit of PE. Joe Wicks is doing an online PE session every morning for children, like you, who are having to be at home at the moment. Hopefully the link below will work. 
    You could then attempt the first maths worksheet – subtract fractions. I’ll upload the answers later, so you can see how you did. If you’re stuck maybe you could blog what you’re finding tricky, and someone else in the class may be able to help you!
    After having a break, you could start one of the writing activities from the Viking activities sheet. 
    If you have some time after lunch, why not try one of the more creative activities, or learn a new skill!
    Post comments on this blog to let me know how you get on today. If you want to send a picture you’ll have to do that as a new blog post, if you’re just writing a comment, attach it to this blog, so we don’t get too many blog posts!
    Keep in touch
    Miss Sewell
    PS Has anyone created a timetable for themselves? Maybe you could post a picture – it could help if anyone else would like to have a timetable to follow.




  • Year 5 home learning

    Hi all,

    It’s going to be very odd for the class not to be all meeting together in school over the next few weeks, but I will make sure that you have plenty to be getting on with whilst you’re at home.

    Attached are some ideas for  what you might like to do next week for your home learning. Hopefully, you have already received this information in the home learning pack that you have taken home. If you were away from school over the last few days, then there is a pack for you in the school office that you can collect next week at some point. (Email me on if this is a problem)

    I’ll be updating this page regularly with more information to keep you posted with ideas, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some of the children’s home learning too.

    As well as communicating via this page, there is a blog which the class can assess through PupleMash (click on the Sharing icon,  Shared Blogs and then Year 5 Blog). You will then be able to comment on my post, add your own post and also add pictures of any  home learning that you would like to share with the class. This should be a good way for us all to keep in touch.

    Take care of yourselves,

    Miss Sewell

    Below are some pictures from this week: Anglo-Saxon homework, Viking information posters and World Book Day.



  • Spring Term 2020

    We have an exciting Spring term in Year 5 including our residential trip to Stibbington Outdoor Centre. Our History lessons will focus on the Vikings and Anglo Saxons. The Vikings will also be our inspiration for our Art lessons as we create Viking dragon artwork.   In Maths, we are learning about methods for multiplication and division and will be discovering more about fractions, decimals and percentages.  We have started our English lessons by  looking at mystery and suspense writing.  In our Science lessons we will be learning about properties and changes of materials and in RE we are finding out about Jewish festivals. We are looking at the song ‘The Fresh Prince of Belair’ in Music and, as part of our PE lessons this term, we are experimenting with Hip Hop dancing!