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School Hours

Doors Open: 8.45am*
Registers close: 8.50am**
Lessons: 8.50am – 10.40am
Morning Break: 10.40am – 10.55am
Morning Lessons: 10.55am – 12.00pm
Afternoon Lessons: 12.55pm – 3.10pm (Reception)
1.00pm – 3.15pm (KS1&2)
Finish 3.10pm (Reception)*
3.15pm (KS1 & KS2)*

*Before 8.45am and after 3.15pm (3.10pm for Reception) children are the responsibility of their parents.

** The outside doors are closed and locked at this time. Children arriving after this should be brought to the School Office so that they can be signed in. Any child arriving between 8.55am and 9.05am will be classed as late. Arrival after 9.05am is classed as an unauthorised absence unless a justified reason can be given.