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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Davey and Mrs Wright (class LSA) teach our Year 2 class.

  • Thinking about Easter

    Hello all,

    I hope Friday finds you well. Please take a look at this work about Easter. Before you know it we will be baking hot cross buns which in my household will inevitably be stolen by a hound who shall remain nameless. Home learning Easter

    Thank you,

    Mrs Davey

  • Pirate adventure booklet

  • Another useful website

    Hello campers,

    You might like to visit Classroom Secrets who have a wealth of curriculum based activities which children can sign up for. This includes interactive games.

    Mrs Davey

  • Quarter questions for Year 2

  • The eagle has landed

    Hello people of year 2 and welcome to my first post on the school website. You are all aware of what has been going on with Freud via the Dojo. I hope you have all made your predictions about what will happen with the seeds.  I suggest writing it down.  Brahms the Composer Cat has been investigating and is yet to decide what will happen to the seeds outside and what will happen to the seeds in the shed. What do you think?  You could use the writing frame to help you with this. Maybe you could grow your own seeds at home. I know someone has already started this.  I am going to post this on the Dojo as well! Watch this space!

    Science investigation frame


  • Spring Term 2020

    In the Spring term Year 2 are going to be learning about exploration and the world. This will include developing their geographical understanding of the world as well as learning about those individuals whose explorations into the unknown changed global knowledge forever. We will also learn about the darker side of adventure through the world of piracy on the high seas. A more apt title for this topic would be ‘Exploring the world’ or perhaps ‘To boldly go,’ as a way of introducing the most famous split infinitive! Updates of spellings and homework will continue on the Classdojo page where points are as valuable as Spanish gold.