Wind in Year One!

This week, as well as continuing with our work on ‘Traditional Tales’, we are going to be thinking about ‘Wind!’ and not the kind that comes from high fibre foods! Mrs Arnold and I attended a conference at the weekend, which focused on asking deep questions that really extend and challenge children’s thinking. So this week I will be asking the children what makes the wind? We will be thinking about this as a class but firstly I want to see what the children think. I will be asking this question on Wednesday so if you could explore this topic at home on Wednesday and Thursday evening this would be greatly appreciated.

The children have also been looking at how to use a question mark correctly; we have linked this learning to writing questions we would ask the three little pigs if we were to meet them. Please can I remind you about the homework which is to build one of the three pigs houses and then write about how they built it.

On Friday we started off our class ‘Golden Mile’ in conditions that would make Bear Grylls proud of us! All the children did fantastically and now will be challenged to improve on their personal bests.

Mr P