Bee-Bot alula!

Well what a busy week we have all experienced. The BMX stunt assembly was greeted with great enthusiasm and wonder. This was followed by a visit from our county adviser on Wednesday, he was very impressed by the teaching and learning throughout the school, hurrah, we try our best. He was particularly impressed by the writing taking place in year 3 when he stepped down the stairs into our learning zone. The children were using their plans, consulting dictionaries, adding sub-ordinate clauses and showing great enthusiasm for extended writing. No they hadn’t been bribed.

We have also been learning directional language and how to measure a perimeter. They all piled into the hall with programmable Bee-Bots and managed to direct the robot around the perimeter of several mats. Well done year 3.

Spellings: I haven’t updated spellings for this week as I going to give them spellings from their writing which are incorrect. these will be individual spelling once again.

Well done to all the children this week they have worked hard and deserve a restful weekend.

Homework to be in next Tuesday, a model, painting or collage of how they imagine The Iron Man would look like. Not too large but imaginative please. Thank-you for the work that has already been submitted.

Open morning: Do’t forget the children would like to show you their work next Friday from 9.05-10.00.


Miss Finn