It’s all gone Space and Wedding mad in Reception

Hello all and welcome to another week in Reception. We are all super excited to share our learning about Space with you tomorrow at our collective worship. The children have done all the research by looking in books and browsing the internet sites on space.

Inspired by the recent royal wedding and Emma’s weekend as a bridesmaid the children have embraced the wedding theme and spent the afternoons dressing in fine regalia. Do enjoy the pictures.

If you get a chance then please do encourage your child to practice their number work, adding and subtracting small amounts using objects and attempting to write a number sentence for this.

Also writing and ordering their numbers to twenty. If this is just too easy, I have shown the children how to tally and have just introduced tallying in fives using the ‘Shut the gate’ method. llll and then a line drawn through diagonally to make five. This is a challenge so please only go there if your child is secure and confident with their counting then practise counting in fives. eg 5,10,15,20 etc

When writing please now encourage your children to be writing sentences with finger spaces. They are now blending four sounds eg. b-r-u-sh. However not everyone can hear these yet so they may need to this. Keep up with the reading and have a super holiday.