My teacher ate my homework!

I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful creations brought in by children for topic based homework. It is a delight to catch a glimpse of what will be in the future, the designers, engineers, artists, ‘Bake Off’ contestants, explorers, journalists and poets. I also never cease to be surprised by the fascination children have for what is truly horrible history. I expected horror in the face of amputations, an all rat diet and an explanation that a cat ‘o’ nine tails is not a fluffy, many tailed puss. However, the more gory the pirate punishment (I did mention that for most, life on board was equally grim, whether pirate or not) the more they want to know. Yet they scream the house down when they have what they call a severe injury (paper cut) which needs immediate attention (call the office, parents and possibly ambulance) and will impede their ability to do ANY writing as it is far TOO painful and happens to be on the pinkie of their writing hand. Such are the contradictions of life in the classroom. Luckily everyone was in fine health this afternoon as we buried treasure  on the Forest School ‘Island’ as a precursor to grid map writing.

Pictured are examples of the stunning pieces brought in this week, some maps, ships, flag, stories, pictures and a multitude of calorific pirate edibles.

Long live homework, I say!

Captain Davey